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Local Fundraisers designed just for you and your organization

Local Fundraising made simple, we’ve been committed to helping communities support the programs you care about most by bringing quality fundraising programs to our local communities around Texas. Our fundraising development consultants have been a part of the communities they serve…They coach, they cheer they volunteer. Because they care. They care about the people in their communities, the schools they serve and the programs and activities they help fund.


Let’s face it…The word has changed. Your community needs your leadership and support now more than ever.  This fundraising program will be crucial, not only to fund the traditional programs you’ve supported in the past, but now, with strained budgets at the district and statewide level, many of the core programs your kids and community count on.  


Districts are going to make tough choices leaving many important programs underfunded such as hardware to support distance learning for families in need, helping teachers get the best resources for their classroom and special events to show teachers just how much we appreciate them

At  Snack-A_Licious , the safety of your students and families is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve made a substantial investment in new technology to make online ordering easier and new shipping options making fulfillment faster and safer.

Local community service projects are rewarding in many ways. They give us a higher purpose in life, loading up our hearts with warmth, gratitude, and fulfillment. Furthermore, these projects allow us to see beyond what we need and want. We begin to see that there’s more to life than our jobs, salaries, and parties we attend.

Raising money for your school or an important charity doesn't have to be difficult. There are lots of easy fundraising ideas that can make a big impact, and they're totally accessible to kids and families. at Snack-A-Licious we put the  "fun" in "fundraising." and above all its all local

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Serve our senior residents

Seniors deserve all the love and attention. The best we can do is to give them our time because we all know it can get pretty lonely at their home and or at the care facility, particularly when they don’t have visitors.

An idea involving your community in service is to organize programs for your local elderly. Y There are many ways you can make senior citizens feel better. A short walk outside or an hour to talk to them also means a lot already. You can even teach them how to use modern technology.

Have something to do for them especially now that the Holidays are nearing. We want nothing more than for senior citizens to feel loved.

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